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You have a beautiful glow about you! What makes you break out into a big smile?
Almost anything! The smallest of things please me.  Kind words, hearing laughter, positivity, enthusiasm…

If you had a motto to live every day by, what would it say?
Enjoy life and try not to worry about the small stuff – it will be ok :) (would be awful to look back at the years and wish you’d done/said/tried this or that)

If I could fly, I would..
I could fly I would get lost, which is not always a bad thing ;)

If I could fly I would explore more
If I could fly I think I would do it little and often…


charlene-lim-portrait-photography-natural-light-floral-headdress1 charlene-lim-portrait-photography-natural-light-floral-headdress2 charlene-lim-portrait-photography-natural-light-floral-headdress3 charlene-lim-portrait-photography-natural-light-floral-headdress4 charlene-lim-portrait-photography-natural-light-floral-headdress5 charlene-lim-portrait-photography-natural-light-floral-headdress6 charlene-lim-portrait-photography-natural-light-floral-headdress7 charlene-lim-portrait-photography-natural-light-floral-headdress8 charlene-lim-portrait-photography-natural-light-floral-headdress9Who are you?
I’m someone who about to do things she’s never done before. Who’s going places she’s never travelled before. Towards feelings she’s never experienced before. I’m someone whose layers are being peeled and shed one after another. I’m at the cusp of a big change – to the way I think, feel and act. And it’s all happening within.

Three natural occurring things that you love:
I love dogs, I love the sea, I love green grass.

What makes you feel on top of the world?
I feel top of the world when someone shows me unconditional love. And when I have written or created something that’s good enough to surprise even myself.