This is a repost of a post I did on a previous blog, but I thought it deserved a share cause it’s so cute :) Here it is:

I’ve had it in my head for some time now to take one of the cats camping. Now, we have two, and Lula, is a very catlike cat in terms of loving feeling safe in her routine and set ways. This is cool, that’s just her and if you try and remove familiarity from her, well, she slaps you. For real. So it had become one of my dreams to take our other cat, Charles, on a camping trip. Now Charles is more like a doglike cat. Perhaps it might be because we’ve had him since he was only a 8 weeks old and have treated him in a more doglike manner, who knows. But he’s quite comfortable with change, and adapts himself to it quite well.

And so I found myself with a few weeks off, planning a camping trip with my beau and realising that this was most definitely the time to fulfil my dream of cat camping. Plus, we were taking a campervan, which would make things easier. 

You know what? It isn’t that difficult or impossible. I was reading countless blogs for tips before we left, from people that have taken their cats camping before. But from this trip I realised that it is so individual and highly depends on what your cats character is like.

IMG_5106 IMG_5190 IMG_5194 IMG_5197 IMG_5202 IMG_5204 IMG_5210 IMG_5215 IMG_5188

A few things though;
1. When cat camping, throughout the trip, the cat does have to come first..
It’s like having a toddler along, so if you are used to that, you will be ok with a cat coming along. It’s things like, waking up early to let them out for their walk and feed, planning a little bit ahead of the days activities and how to bring the cat there and or if it is suitable to bring it there, having an extra bag for carrying the cat and their supplies which in our case was always just ropes, carabiners and water bowl.. things like that! If you are not prepared to do this, don’t bring your cat!

2. Find a good sturdy and comfortable harness.
I bought mine from these guys on etsy, and completely love it- the designs are so chic! and there were many times Charles bolted and the harness certainly held well.

3.  Bring a long rope/sling and carabiners to rig up a long enough line from your tent/campervan.
We have two long climbing slings that we linked together, which was tied to a retractable lead and then attached to his harness. Quite nicely, our campervan had a large metal ring near the doors so we just attached the slings with a carabiner to this ring and let him roam! You would think cats would freak out and bolt when they come to the maximum length of the ropes but (I guess this is cat dependant) Charles was cool with it and really never went too far; he just lazed around the proximity of the van anyway!

4. Have patience!
When taking the cat to the beach or the woodlands from the van/tent, the journey is probably the most tricky part. We had a cat carrier that’s a backpack, and it works well, lots of ventilation and he’s able to see out the mesh on the sides. However, it isn’t comfortable, I’d imagine and so be prepared to tolerate some meowing all the way to your destination. And when you’re at your destination.. like, the beautiful blue sea, with the waves beckoning you to jump in.. nope. You have to be prepared to find a good spot for the cat (with lots of shade), find something sturdy you can hook up the ropes to, remove anything that might snag the rope, get some food and water down, and only then you can go jump into the inviting sea.

So yes! It is not too difficult to be honest, it only requires a little bit of change and give and take in your holiday ways to accomodate a cat. And you totally get repaid by the amount of headbumps and cuddles you get from it with extra enthusiasm than you’d normally get at home. Overall, I would completely do it again for this type of calm and relaxing lazy holiday, but if you are going for an active, adventurous one where you won’t be able to give your time so much to accomodate it, best to leave em at home! :) Enjoy the pics!



I think a lot of us forget the eyes when we think about our daily exercise – I certainly do. Reading back this article I wrote is a good reminder of what I need to incorporate more into my working week, especially as I’m on a computer so much!

Charlene lim fitness article eye exercises

Eye exercises
Exercises for the eyes are often overlooked. Like any muscle, the eyes need attention too, to keep them healthy, relaxed, supple and strong. Here are a few things you can do:

Look at greenery
The colour green relaxes your eyes, and this is great to do after a long day of work, especially if it involves lots of computer work

Look near & far
Pick a point at a distance to look at, focus your eyes to it, and then bring it back to something close by. Do this several times. This exercise keeps the muscle holding the lens supple.

Move your eyes in a circular motion
Do this slowly, first clockwise, then anticlockwise. This is a good stretch for the whole eye!

Good to do between exercises. Rub your palms together to warm up, then gently cup your eyes until it becomes completely dark. This relaxes the eyes.

Hot & cold compress
With face towels, make simple hot and cold compresses. Place the hot towel over your eyes, followed by the cold one. Repeat this as many times as you wish, but always end with the cold towel. This opens up the smaller blood vessels in and around the eyes, relaxes and tones the muscles and relieves strain.


I’ve never really given a second look at J.Crew before. I knew they were an American brand but that’s about it! Till today, when I came across their June style guide and I’m loving the laid back looks that strike the perfect balance between chic and tousled. Modelled by Cameron Rusell and shot in Rajasthan, India, the mood of the pictures show what I’m hoping this summer will feel like! Also, a very good inspiration board for an upcoming Knit Today photoshoot in a gorgeous Moroccan style house!

j-crew-june-style-guide1 j-crew-june-style-guide2 j-crew-june-style-guide3 j-crew-june-style-guide5 j-crew-june-style-guide6 j-crew-june-style-guide10 j-crew-june-style-guide11 j-crew-june-style-guide12 j-crew-june-style-guide15 j-crew-june-style-guide16