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Yoga in paradise

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Magical, magical times in Tulum. The combination of the heat, which gave such freedom of lack of much clothing ^_^ , the sound of the beach and the rustle of the wind through the palm trees.. and I suppose, being on holiday with no stresses bearing weight in my mind gave way to a peace in every breath of air that I took and the lack of any pressure to even practice yoga.

Sometimes there is pressure to yoga for sure. Whether that is from myself, the pressure to ‘do things’, to ‘keep up’, to ‘keep going’. Yes yoga is for relaxation, to clear the mind and to partake with daily. But sometimes for me, these pressures can somewhat add to the list in my week!

So to get away somewhere was just perfect. I believe your body and mind tells you when the time comes for a break. The life we all lead these days are so fast paced and switched on, that I think the burn out rate is pretty high. I try to listen to what my body is saying – if I’m having a run of a few bad weeks, making lots of mistakes in things, getting injuries.. more than likely is that you just need to take a break. Making a ‘holiday’ space within your house to be your getaway will help in the times that you need some space from life. My change since coming back has to double my yoga mat space at home, adding a few more fun props and also to remind myself to relax when I feel any creeping pressures related to anything yoga-time / relax-time related!!

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