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5 signs that you need to take rest


When our bodies and minds are tired, they certainly let us know. Most of the times, it seems we don’t listen until we near the point of burning out, or, our bodies force rest by becoming ill. Often we are too busy to see the signs of tiredness; or maybe we ignore it, thinking we can keep on keeping on. These are 5 signs to look out for when you need to take rest.

1. Your concentration is wavering

Be it work, in between chatting with your friends or in your activities, you find blips of wavering concentration happening. One minute you’re listening to your friend, the other minute your mind is off into an abyss. Sign 1 that your mind is getting tired to sustain concentration and that you need some rest in your life!

2. Coffee uptake increases

MMf, just really suddenly needing that second coffee (or third, or fourth) that you don’t normally drink in a day. Feeling irritable, feeling tired, give me that coffee! Interestingly, I’ve found that this is an early warning sign that you’re simply getting tired. Rest!! But we never do..

3. Irritability levels rise

How irritable do you get? Well start watching how fast you snap at things that might not normally annoy you.. Are you finding that you’re snapping at your other half or your friends more? Perhaps not being able or find space to empathise with your nearest and dearest?

4. You see a kitten, you cry

Why of course to most cat-enthusiasts, this could just naturally happen. Ha ha! But I’m talking about reaching a point of tiredness in your mental state that your emotional state starts fraying. Emotions are up in the air, the feeling of despair and minor panic at smallish issues start to make you feel awful and out of control.

5. Crashing becomes normal

After work-time is where the home-life-fun time starts! Whatever you are into; climbing, cooking, reading, anything, you know that you need to just take some kind of rest when after work hours you get in the house and you are too knackered to do anything at all. Cooking becomes a slog.. Where’s that tin of baked beans? I’ll just eat that. Oh, those half dried boiled noodles from last night? Yeh, they’ll taste amazing in this baked bean juice. (Not even joking, I totally did this last week) If you are crashing out on the sofa into a dazey sleepy stupor a few nights in a row, this is a big sign that you just generally need some time out to have a good ol’ rest.

I am spurred on to write this as I’ve gotten older I seem to have grown a character trait of ‘Keeping on keeping on’ and it is only when I am floor-out struck-by-illness-worn-out that I take rest. I keep trying to remind myself to flow at a good, steady, manageable pace, but my stubborn-self seems to not want to learn. Just last weekend I was totally out with the lurgy and even then, looking as awful as I did (as confirmed by people around me); all pale and bloated with lurgy-ness, tired hollow eyes, energy of a poisoned worm.. I still dragged my sorry ass to work on Tuesday and Wednesday of the week, only to be told (both times!)  to haul that same sorry ass back home to rest. And Thursday and Friday? On hindsight I probably should have also stayed at home. The lurgy was going away, but I probably could have done with more rest. But it’s difficult huh? I don’t know if you do but I feel really bad for taking sick days off work to rest. Which I will learn from this time and learn that that’s not a thing to be guilty or feel bad about. Thats another blogpost..

Anyway! There are a few more signs of course but 5 is a good place to start taking note! Are you feeling any of these signs? When was the last time you had a good proper time-off-style rest? I’d love to know.. share it with me and then lets all lie down with our feet up the wall and have a nice long relax here. :)

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