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A new yoga dawn..


Literally. The new yoga chapter of my life has thus far contained a sunrise every morning. Whoa! Yes me, waking up at 630am everyday (call that 430am this rainy morning), doing about 1.5 – 2 hours of yoga BEFORE breakfast or coffee. Are you gasping?

Surprisingly I have found this quite doable – I have done it before when first starting my yoga journey all those years ago in the same Ashtanga practice. It feels very nostalgic – forward moving in my life journey but also feeling like I’ve come full circle before the new chapter begins.

This morning the weather howled and blew around outside my top floor apartment in Edinburgh. It’s an old, gorgeous building but this means the windows rattle with the whims of the weather. Leaving this early in the morning and only returning home at 6pm nearly each day – intensive yoga study of body and mind in the middle – I have noticed these things:
• I seem to  have evaded any form of sunshine for the past week
• Because of this my arms seem to have gotten significantly hairier
• I appear to have no trouble doing this much yoga in the morning before my delicious drink sent from the heavens (a great cup of coffee). Mental note: maybe shift my evening practice at home back to the morning?
• I DO snore, as witnessed by everyone in my class today as I fell asleep at the Mindful Meditation class.. (apparently the sound of a small dormouse.. I think they were being polite)
• My brain loves the studying and being this learning environment, taking in all the poses, numbers and chants in Sanskrit.
• Soaked oats! I have finally tried this and yes it has sustained me through two Mysore practices today (I will be making this again tomorrow)
• Living away from Bristol away from my loves is difficult, I miss them ever so
• My mouth is craving so much more fruit and vegetables
• I feel weird now eating chicken or meat
• I am tired
• I am energised
• I have asked and allowed myself time to think about certain questions about myself. My mind has slightly reshaped and I feel something loosen up inside me everyday. It is a strange but lightening feeling.
• I love yoga, in all its forms
• I love just doing yoga this much all the time

And now I will end as such. With these smatterings of bullet points in no particular order of my observations and thoughts about the past 5 days. 5 days!! It feels already like a lifetime. A really lovely one. (Aside from sorely missing my husband and cat baby).


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