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A night at the arcade..

IMG_9713 IMG_9721 IMG_9716 IMG_9718


Well, who would have thought I would find myself in an arcade this many years after leaving school!! With the FCP gang at Weston-Super-Mare and finding out the pier with the dodgems was closed then being chased by seagulls for our fish and chips then consuming some non-popping-popping Star Wars + Angry Birds candy.. where else would we end up but the arcade?

It was interesting and a good laugh. A unicorn was obsessed over. Ticket stubs were collected in a frezy. A crazy Burberry doll was all to play for.. Here- see our glassy eyed neon surrounded faces in the pictures. They tell all. 😉

IMG_9712 IMG_9737 IMG_9736
IMG_9756 IMG_9753 IMG_9758 IMG_9761 IMG_9766



IMG_9762 IMG_9770 IMG_9772 IMG_9786 IMG_9789 IMG_9792 IMG_9790 IMG_9778 IMG_9781


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