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Aigle, Switzerland

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How late can this post be?? Just some little photo snippets from Aigle a little sleepy town in Switzerland from December last year. Refreshing this site has made me go back into my hard drive memories and relive old experiences! Just as well, as I’ve been hankering for the snow over the past 2 months. I’m not sure when it will be when this longing for the snowy mountains will finally do my head in enough that I sack everything in to be close to the mountains. :)

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The snow at the end of 2014 was pretty horrific – there was practically no snow when we got there at Christmas time.. and for about 10 days it stayed this way. I think everyone was praying and some were travelling to different ski resorts to find the snow!! It was very dire. It was difficult to control my sadness about it.. after a week doing the same two runs.. you get sad.
IMG_3608 IMG_3692 IMG_3651

But soon enough, towards the end of the trip, but never mind.. the snow came and with the every cloud has a silver lining phrase.. with the lack of snow I actually managed to get really really quite good at skiing on ice!! Which improved my technique immensely. Can’t wait for this year’s trip..France here we come! A bientot!

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