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Magazine covers

I’ve had the pleasure to style cover shoots for Knit Today magazine, as part of my time as art editor for the title. Cover shoots are styled so specific to the feel of magazine it’s for – the general taste, age and style of the readers shapes what the feel of the magazine offers. For Knit Today, the feel is fun, feminine, bright and wearable. These are such a rapid succession of snaps that most of the time the models have to stretch their faces out a couple of times mid-shoot so they don’t get frozen smiles! These are a few of my favourite recent covers that I’ve worked on!


Working with babies and children

Never work with kids or animals! Is what you hear. But really, it’s a pretty fun task Generally there are tiny tantrums at the beginning. When kids arrive, they become shy, and perhaps overwhelmed with being the centre of attention by so many adults at a shoot. Usually though, they get very used to the attention and you can definitely see them relax and have some fun as the photographer clicks on!


Stills styling

Styling is one of the bits of my job I love doing. To see an item come into the office in a box or envelope and then breathing life into it and making a story, a scene, a beautiful picture to show our readers the best of the product in question! These are some of my favourites of the month.