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Phil King

Spent the day some months back wandering around Bristol for hours on end with Phil King, chatting away, asking him about his life and music and me getting some photos along the way. Melancholic, a tinge of sombreness and with some cracking grins spotted about the day.  


Becky Graham

Gorgeous Becky Graham, voiceover artist and nutritionist at Healthy Hedonist and her headshots! I have a natural approach to doing these which some might find rather odd. No to studios, no to any contrived set up and lighting. I’d much rather get to know and literally ‘go for a walk’ with the people I am photographing; ask them questions, find out about their life. Like a strange sort of intense date I suppose! I shoot to get as much of their characters into my picture as I can. I like to think I succeed..

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Photography website!

Hello one and all.. I actually have been AWOL for good reason! After getting quite a few enquiries about my photos, I thought it was best to set up a photography specific website, separate from this blog. So look out for fashion/people/potrait goodness over at! And this category will still be here for other photo love! Here’s a snippet of what’s on the other side of the link.. Hope you like!  

Charlene Lim Fashion Portrait Photography Chesca Bristol Model Gingersnap12


Really enjoyed this shoot with the lovely Chesca. Shot around Bristol city centre by the markets, parks and cafes, I’m really pleased with the outcome of this shoot despite the spitting rain and cloudy skies. Here’s a little bit about our model! Describe Chesca.. I am a bouncy, funny,stuffed full of energy girl who constantly needs feeding. I love fashion, food and the theater. What’s the most creative thing you’ve done recently? Performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Write down five words that describe today.. Quirky, enthusiastic, loyal, hungry, sporty. My outlook on life is..  My outlook on life is don’t waste time!