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Echo Lake, California

Well these has been a delay with these holiday snaps, because when we got home, our beloved cat Charles went into hospital which ended up with him in life support all week. Miraculously he is now home and we are being full time caregivers for the next 3 months till he gets back up on his feet! Literally, because he has broken his leg, and metaphorically too as he’s struggling with his wellbeing.

Now he’s home though, my worries are less, except when it comes to making him take his pills, but at least I am not wondering whether I will see him the next day alive or dead anymore. Which is a huge relief off my mind!

It’s given me some brain space to actually process and reminisce about our holiday in LA and Mexico. It was truly wondrous but with all that happened last week that needed our attention with Charles, we haven’t quite slowed down to even have a rest from the travelling! Thank God for Bank Holidays then. :)

It was a few days after we touched down in LA that I only decided to take my camera out with me. You’d think it’s a surefire choice to always carry it around – but sometimes its size and bulk make you think twice whether you want to bring it with ya, along with the spare lenses, extra batteries.. :) I have never regretted it however. It is worth the lug round.

IMG_0035 IMG_0044



The Echo Park area in LA is sat in between East Hollywood and Downtown. I kind of like its geography – away enough from Hollywood and away enough from the sometimes ‘too-trendy-for-me’ Downtown. The lake in centre of it as well is extremely nice to have in this hot city and I certainly was loving the sight of all the water lilies and trees everywhere. Not to mention the fresh churros from one of the many lakeside vendors! And these Mexican snack pots of warm corn, cheese, chili spices and mayonnaise.

Being holidaymakers, we kind of really did have to get on the paddleboats.. this is where the downside of having a camera with you comes – we couldn’t peddle and get totally soaked in the big spouting foundation of water in the middle of the lake! Note to self: must find a waterproof housing for the camera.

IMG_0045 IMG_0061 IMG_0046 IMG_0053


For only $10 per person, it was pretty good fun to spend the time in the sun, working those legs! Popped into Bluebottle coffee, bought some beans, and then went for a wander. I didn’t get a photo, but some of the houses that are staggered up on these little steep banks from the main road are extremely gorgeous! Not in any grand way – but they almost seemed transported from another time, wooden homely cosy houses that were so strange (happily so) to see in the middle of LA. Right! Charles needs some tending to – till next time.. xx

IMG_0071 IMG_0072 IMG_0075

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