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Glastonbury Tor


The Tor! The Tor! On a sleepy Sunday following from an also sleepy Saturday, Glastonbury beckoned. Abandoning our usual plans of multiple coffees and breakfast followed by the sleepy Saturday milling around routine, we picked Beth up and tropped to Glasto.

IMG_1723 IMG_1726

A neighbour excitedly informed us all about the Tor’s magical powers – something about all the universe’s sine waves meeting at this point. A quick search on Google will also show you the mounds of articles about this site. The rain for once was kept at bay, the winds mild. We were greeted by yoga bells that you spin around to send off the sounds of peace into the Universe. And then up we trotted. Not to far above the Tor because visible through the mid morning mist. Much closer than I expected, it indeed is a lovely view from the top. Although, everything much smaller and much more scaled down than I imagine. Perhaps my expectation of scenic views from high up will forever be marred by the gorgeousness that we saw over the treetops in Tulum..

IMG_1728 IMG_1731 IMG_1747 IMG_1746

A quick yoga moves and the town centre is only a short walk down! What else did we do than stock up on a whole bunch of tasty health food essentials at the local store 😀 Top thing to do in Glastonbury for sure. ;P

IMG_1736 IMG_1743

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