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Magical cenotes, Tulum, Mexico

IMG_0462 IMG_0469

Tulum, Mexico has been the biggest surprise for me this year. Aside from the Alps and anywhere with decent amount of skiable snow, I have never quite travelled to a country and been so enthralled by it. Especially since I also tend to gravitate to falling in love with colder climates.

Expecting a solid week of beach frolicking, we had heard of ‘cenotes’ by friends who were on the trip with us. I knew they were waterholes of some sort, but jumping into cold water vs. warm calm beach.. I’m sure even you have instinctively made your mind up while reading this of what you prefer to be doing!!

As is what I thought, till we went to the first one..

and the second.. and the third.. and the seventh. Which is all that we could fit in the week we were there. There are more than 7000 of them in the area, which only has made me rather determined that we, not living remotely close to Mexico, must try in our lifetime, to see many more of these goddess sinkholes of mermaid quality etherealness.

IMG_0509 IMG_0536 IMG_0543 IMG_0550 IMG_0554 IMG_0558

Oh, there’s more.. so the week gravitated towards these’s naturally formed cenotes, each one with it’s own distinct personality and character. They’re almost like people when I’m asked to describe each one.

And the cold water you ask? Well I didn’t factor in that the weather in Mexico would be as humid as it was and so actually the cenotes were such a welcome break to the heat! Here, see more..

IMG_0740 IMG_0756 IMG_0763 IMG_0783 IMG_0794And this underground beauty which is in a dark cave, illuminated by spotlights and a hole in the cave (which is the ground outside). Who knew that it would take a cenote to totally diminish my fear of ‘dark water’ which before I wouldn’t even dip my toe into?

IMG_0807 IMG_0836 IMG_0837 IMG_0858

Aah Tulum.. when I look back on the pictures I truly miss all to do with it. Till next time for sure.

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