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My pilgrimage


So here I am sat back again where I was sat just in November gone, drinking a warm elixir, looking out at rainy Edinburgh. What has got me about this place? You ask me, I ask my reflection in the glass.

Landing off the plane, walking the same route to the yoga studio, mm, a big smile on my face. The familiarity and also the same walk walked all those dark mornings in my YTT seems to have ingrained in me some kind of nerve/muscle/emotion memory  like my yoga practice. Who knows! I can’t explain it. Perhaps this is why yogis take the pilgrimage trips to India, where they have trained, the home of yoga must feel like a place they belong too. India for some, Edinburgh it seems, for others.. 😀

Before you think I’m some looney just coming to Edinburgh to walk the streets that I walked last month, I’m here catching up with yoga mates and shadowing classes in the studio I’m training with!

A few things and some snippets of brain thoughts I have realised upon return to Bristol after the first half of the TT and then coming back here for a flying visit;
• Why do it alone?
• A group around you to support you feels like fluffy cushions, embrace the cushions!!
• Learn, learn, learn.
• Immerse yourself in what makes your heart sing
• Keep on the path to finding what makes the ends of your mouth lift up into a smile
• Life’s life’s life.
• When things take time, it doesn’t mean they’re at all bad. Be patient. And love it all.
• Everyone is the same! Love all, love yourself.
• Give your time to the things you love doing
• Invest your time in the things you love doing
• Absorb all the knowledge you can from others around you
• Give back
• Life is totally worth it

OK! I’m off now with notebook in hand, ready to shadow a Pilates + Yoga class. A fusion! Should be interesting :)


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