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Nice, France

We’re lucky in Bristol to be so connected to so many other countries at the click of a finger. Well, not really a click, but a mere 10 minute ride to the airport really makes it feel like a click most times! So with long weekends, it’s the perfect base for all you filled with wanderlust.

France is one of my favourite places, I don’t know if you realised this yet.. I am in love with the country, the language, the way of life, and those delicious amandines.. 😀 (almond croissants!) It’s really a no brainer when my other half suggested I join him on a long weekend to Nice after he wrapped up a project there (lucky him!) and lucky me to have such an invitation, of course I jumped on it. Suffice to say me and airports and flights have a bad track record, so we will skip the recall of my calamity, missing my connecting flight from Amsterdam. On to the more positive memories!

IMG_5671IMG_5513 IMG_5503 IMG_5468-2 IMG_5484-2

This was my first time in the South of France, and I can understand why so many people fall in love with it and subsequently retire here. From the sea you can see fresh snow capped mountains, the sun beaming on you and the smell of fresh grilled fish wafting from nearby restaurants. It is truly the best of all the worlds.

But! In this short weekend (it turned out to be quite short, because of my flight mishap.. oops), we came here to climb. And so we did. In the stillness of the rock and woods, the rambling paths that are kept so tidy, you could almost mistake this for the same beauty and vastness you find in Big Sur in California.

IMG_5452-2 IMG_5500

The climbing? Ah well it was lovely! I have found my enthusiasm hits a peak when I’m climbing near the sea. Funny that, because I freak out when I’m IN the sea, so you wouldn’t think being near the sea had any calming effect on me.. but maybe because you’re climbing up – away from the sea.. haha. Although! The traverse along the coast was beautiful. No sea monsters attacked. And of course, when by the rock, when by the sea, when there’s a surrounding that inspires and refreshes, I yoga away.. Till next time, Nice! You are most certainly very nice. 😉




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