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Portishead to Cardiff Bay – I’m on a boat!



Living in the West Country in the UK lets you enjoy such a lovely balance in life – the sea, rivers, woodland, rocks, beach, climbs, the fresh countryside air are all within such easy reach of the city. When our friend Tony asked us to come by and help sail his boat from its docking point in Portishead to Cardiff, despite the 6am start and our busy week up to that point, there was only a resounding YES to be said to an offer like that.

The orange lifeboat is a smart looking one parked next to our friend’s stunner. The boat that we rode on is this stunning Welsh lifeboat from the 1940s that has been skilfully restored by Tony.



The weather had given us a lucky break that day. Think beaming sunlight, calm waters, salty wind blowing your hair, and sailing toward a glorious blue skied horizon. I of course, fell asleep as I have a penchant of doing so on any moving vehicle. I blame this on my parents who used to drive me around in a car to put me to sleep..


Sometimes it is far too easy to get out of the comfort, snuggly bubble that is the home, the bedding down with a film, cup of tea in hand. Not to say that these aren’t great things too, but life is also out there around you to explore and there is too much even in our own cities that we haven’t yet seen, heard, tasted, smelt, felt! At risk of sounding like my head is now flying with rainbow fairies, trips like these are a great reminder to myself that the days around us need not be predictable, and need not run any risk of being boring. It’s all out there waiting to be explored.

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