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Teaching you, teaching me

I have been teaching yoga in my house for three weeks now, and I find myself coming away from a class firstly, with rainbows shining from my chest, and secondly, learning a heck of a lot myself. About what?

Yes, so many things I am learning. How to teach a class, what to say, how to listen to my friends, to be aware of the others around me – are they breathing heavy? Are they tired? Are they struggling but not saying anything? Is this flow not satisfying enough to challenge? I am also discovering so much about myself. Finding the meaning and humility in putting others first, looking inward a lot more to realign my thoughts in myself before, during and after a class, and these things carry forward and longer into my normal bits of life, like when I’m at work, or when I’m going through frustrations and stress.

I’ve been loving teaching so much and making this unexpected journey into discovering more about myself, coming head to head with questions that never occurred to me before, and the new realisation of the connectivity to the world around me. Yoga rocks.

Namaste copy

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