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The Devils Punchbowl, Pearblossom, California

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The name itself, The Devils Punchbowl, makes you go.. YUUSSS we are definitely going there. Not that I have a penchant for devilish names – but it does give places an air of mystique.. I mean who named it that in the first place, and why?? I can’t find anything on about why it was named such. Someone tell me!

The stone is sandstone and when climbing, does trick your brain into thinking it will all crumble under your touch. Makes for a difficult lead, only just because you really aren’t sure whether the chossy rock is actually chossy or just seems so. On a second, it feels pretty sturdy, but that might be because I’m comfortable with the fact that if it does crumble in my hands, the rope’s got me for sure. IMG_0164IMG_0167

IMG_0178IMG_0162 IMG_0185 IMG_0196 IMG_0210

To be honest we ended up not climbing too much. The heat was searing, the shadows couldn’t provide quite enough cool to be comfortable. And we felt there was too much we wanted to go explore – in particular the area that we’ve seen in pictures with a river and waterfall.. so off we went, packed our bags away from the eager ants, setting off into the heat in search of water.

IMG_0261 IMG_0242 IMG_0246

Well the drought has indeed stuck. The river was nowhere to be seen, and all was left were these blue hued stones in the ground, and the thickening of the greenery down this way. The vastness of these rocks surrounding us are impossible to communicate in pictures. Like taking a picture of the Collesium in Rome, it pales in photos compared to the big feeling you get when in front of it in person. Maybe it is the coupled feeling of the smallness you feel when in the presence of such magnificence that’s non transferrable to a single image. Whatever it was, I was humbled.

IMG_0270 IMG_0282 IMG_0289 IMG_0299 IMG_0324 IMG_0308

Trekking out was peaceful – the temperature had dropped by the evening, and the sun provided an ethereal glow around the whole desert. What a day.

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