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Venice Beach, California

First thing to do when we land in LA! We get picked up by our lovely friends, and drive straight to the beach of course! Who cares about bags and travel sleepiness. The beach is calling!! It was actually a hot and cold day – the temperature around was pretty warm but there was a cold breeze coming in from the beach and so, me being a little cold chicken, I decided not to jump in the water.

IMG_9954 IMG_9958 IMG_9965

The afternoon was filled with catching up chats, boys wrestling, and a freakshow which we felt a little uncomfortable with going into, but caught a glimpse of two two headed turtles out the front. LA-ians are so lucky that they have so many beaches right on their doorstep to whisk themselves away to. Typing about it now makes me really nostalgic and wish teleportation was possible so I could be at a beach right now!

IMG_9968 IMG_9971 IMG_9972 IMG_9976

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