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Women and competition

So! Here’s a sensitive subject. Only sensitive because it is sensitive to many women who will probably have some kind of internal reaction to even reading that title. It is no big secret that women, well, we get funny about being with other capable women.

It has to do with our individual deep rooted fears and insecurities which normally we keep under a good confident lid, but when we meet someone we find is ‘more’ of what you think you are, that lid busts right out a big hole and all the worms come out. And it’s never very fun when it does.

So it’s no surprise that our instinct kicks in really quickly when it comes to protecting ourselves from, well, ourselves. I’ve been asked before ‘why are you being such a b****?’ ‘why are you so mean to that person?’ and really, I never was. It was genuinely a giant reactive mechanism spouting from my insecurities to protect myself from reacting. But actually, the chain has already started with this ‘protective’ measure you’ve put out there.

I certainly don’t condone this behaviour – there isn’t ever a good reason to be mean or standoffish to someone else, no matter if you’re insecure or not. It is never good to take it out on anybody else. But instead of going through the reasons why we go through this, yada yada.. I thought we should explore the WHY NOT?

WHY NOT, instead of getting all canned up inside yourself with funny insular thoughts and feelings, really get to know the person?

WHY NOT, simply see the other person as a person, who is most likely really similar to you in more ways than one?

WHY NOT, be grounded in yourself and who you are, and be humble and open to accept someone might be better than you are at some things and so learn from them?

WHY NOT, simply be equally inspired by each other and have mutual respect for each other?

WHY NOT, relax, let your insecurities go, and learn that competition doesn’t have to be an evil word.

WHY NOT, band together as capable women and build each other up to be better?

I will end this post by saying I had a little emotional wobble earlier, when pondering this topic, there was a really old man in the supermarket; hunched over his trolley, pushing it real slow probably because that was the only pace he could go at. And it threw this whole thing into perspective for me – this women against women thing is all such a silly first world problem. Yes it happens, yes we can’t help it sometimes, but dudes, the world is too small and life is too short to worry ourselves about these issues. Live your life, be the best you can be, and help others around you do the same.

We rise by lifting others quote


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