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Yoga Training in Anatomy Weekend 1


Pillow propping myself up. Legs elevated. Hips low and relaxed. I’m pretty comfortable right now on my sofa as I write.

I write after the first anatomy weekend with my teacher Karen of Avid Yogi. I write with more knowledge in my head about the Spine. I write with the slow fading buzz off the class I just shared with great people. I write with my eyelids drooping from getting off the plane this morning and heading straight to work. I write with excitement still going round in my body. I write with my belly feeling full from Chinese Lettuce, egg and soy sauce. I write with expanding feelings in my chest that I cannot describe.

Pause here.

What expanding feelings?

Well you know when you breath a breath and fill up the base of the ribs, the sides, the back, and more and more and more. It feels like that but all the time.

It may be the backbending session we did all day yesterday to open up the thoracic spine. It may be that I’m tired and not seeing straight. It may be that every time I go to Edinburgh I leave a piece of my heart there and I feel odd when I’ve left. It may be all the Unicorns in Edinburgh that are putting a spell on me. It may be because of my stiff neck affecting the rest of my body because I fell asleep weird in the cab to the airport this morning. It may be my body’s reaction to my mind slowly stirring around thick thoughts of the Universe.

I don’t know how I was bred to think so much. Maybe it’s why I practise yoga. To quieten the vrittis of my citta (fluctuations of my mind!). Maybe all my time exploring the body in yoga has engaged my mind to also explore more. Maybe there will be a clue to the secret of life in my vrittis. Maybe I can re-film that video now of Surya Namaskar B for Beth because in the first one I totally forgot to hold 5 breaths in the last Downward Facing Dog! haha. Maybe life is for maybes. Maybe there are no maybes..

Bed. Time. !!



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